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Did foodservice marketing invent the rule of three?

There’s little doubt that the foodservice industry played a role in creating the “rule of three” concept. Hey, this is the home to… Bacon, lettuce and tomato; Small, medium or large; and Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Simply put, the rule suggests humans can’t interpret much beyond three things during any one setting.  Whether it’s a presentation.  Advertisement.  […]

Why ‘good enough’ is perfect for foodservice videos

  Marketing is all about creating a positive image for your food products.  But can there be too much of a good thing? Well, if you have no budget limits, probably more is always better.  Although I’m still waiting to meet the marketing manager who has an unlimited checking account. So, when it comes to […]

Most important 10 seconds of a foodservice video

  The reality is 20 percent of viewers of the average foodservice product video stop watching after 10 seconds.  Nearly half will click off within 60 seconds. That’s why it’s critical you hook viewers in that first 10 seconds with a single key product characteristic that will keep them wanting to learn more.  Here are […]

The digital asset foodservice operators want from you

Five years ago customizable POS was all the rage in the foodservice industry.  Food manufacturers loved to show off their slick online systems that enabled restaurant operators to print out and/or order table tents, menus, placemats and other disposable promotions. The concept was frequently a miserable failure for a variety of reasons.  Often the imagery […]