Why so few watch foodservice videos on YouTube

We often get asked if videos about foodservice products are so great, why do most of them generate so few views on YouTube?

It’s a fair question considering we see many beautifully produced foodservice videos on YouTube that only generate 30 or 40 views after being posted a year.  Heck, that’s a lot of work for little result.

Well, YouTube is simply the wrong place for foodservice videos.  Just chat with some friendly foodservice operators, brokers or distributor sales reps and you’ll discover few go to YouTube to look for product videos.  They don’t even think about it.  And, even if they did, they are too busy.  Or too tired to go on the hunt.  Or they just want to be entertained with some talking dog videos… not burden themselves with work stuff.

Wait, you’re thinking.  That still doesn’t explain why your customers and business affiliates aren’t watching the YouTube videos you’ve posted on your own website.  Surely, they’re visiting your site and should be watching.

Well, probably a few watch at your website.  In fact, that’s probably where those few views are coming from.

But what we find is companies often group all their videos into some library of sorts.  I guess the theory is visitors will be so compelled by the content that they’ll want to stop and watch.  However, if you think about it, that’s really not how we act as humans.

A video library is like going to the grocery store to find everything stacked in a big pile for you to sort through.  Reality is, we want to see things where we think they should appear.  So, that means an individual foodservice video should be posted next to the specific product listing that it’s related to!

Visitors are usually coming to your site to learn about specific products.  They rarely surf over to be generally educated about your company.  So, simply place your videos next to the appropriate product info to dramatically improve the number of views you receive.

Now, there’s one other big issue for the lack of views.  We’ll cover that next week.  Along with some ideas on how to get a lot more mileage out of your videos.