Getting more views for your foodservice videos

Generating more views for your foodservice videos comes down to two primary things:

  • First, how you distribute your videos impacts everything.  We’ll talk about distribution in a future blog post.
  • What your video says is the second critical success factor.  And, ironically, this is the hardest part to accomplish for most foodservice companies.

You’d think it’d be easy.  Shoot, you talk about your company and products every day!  But we humans are an odd specie.

Most foodservice sales and marketing folks I come across are naturally gifted communicators with a genuine passion when speaking in person about their brand or product.

But that personality is thrown out the window when video planning gets under way.  All of a sudden the “cliché syndrome” kicks in.  Rarely does a script go by in which the terms “highest quality,” “it’s our people” and “history of innovation” don’t creep in.

Nice messages, all of them.  But not one is a differentiator.

Most customers assume you represent those attributes.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t even be considering your product.

What is missing is the why and how.  Video is great for answering the why and how.  You can show actual interesting evidence that illuminates what is so great about your product.  Basically, explaining why you created the product… and how it truly is different than the competitor’s product that, well, probably looks quite similar.

When you think about it, this is exactly what you do when talking directly to a customer.  You tell a story.  Give an example.  Relate a similar experience to a situation that the customer is facing.

Demonstrate to your viewers that you understand their world… rather than offering empty words about quality.

Simply put… show it, don’t say it. 

Next week:  How to uncover those gems to use in your video.