Is Siri a hint into the future of foodservice sales communications?

In producing long- and short-form audio programs for foodservice companies over the years, I’ve learned that hearing directly from a respected voice has immense influence.  In fact, a recorded message usually elevates a person’s importance to many listeners compared to, say, receiving an email.

Why?  The sound of a voice makes a person real.  It’s hard to re-create that warm and fuzzy feeling with a cold email.  But a voice message instantly creates an emotional connection (go head, admit it, you’ve talked back to Siri on occasion).

We’ve all said “wow, that’s not how I envisioned he/she would look” once meeting somebody face-to-face after first speaking on the phone.  Our imagination automatically activates just by hearing a voice.  That’s why a voice is so powerful… it engages listeners’ imaginations whether they want to engage or not!

Of course, if your voice broadcast is annoying, you’ll create an image of a villain… so, be careful leveraging this power!

An effective audio broadcasting program comes down to three key factors:

  • Audio is the perfect format to inspire action.  It’s not as good for going into detail or converting your latest 30-minute PowerPoint pitch into an audio program.  The goal is to motivate listeners to do something without being a blatant commercial.  Put the listener in the middle by enticing their imagination.  Provide examples how taking a specific action will give them a leg up on a new foodservice category… or how they succeed with a final push for a product sampling campaign.
  • Make it genuine, unrehearsed and, ideally, a little fun.  Simply put, be conversational… as if you’re speaking directly to one of your listeners and only have a few seconds to intrigue them about a topic.
  • Deliver shorter messages consistently.  Most of us respond best when a routine is involved.  Knowing that Mary sends out her message each Friday morning is how to build a bigger impact over time.  There’s a reason “reach and frequency” marketing works — and audio is no different.

Voice broadcasting systems are now widely available and simple to use.  No longer does an audience have to be on the same phone system… you can send voice broadcasts to virtually any phone anywhere.

Test it out for yourself… you can subscribe and receive this blog by voice broadcast.

Best of all, voice broadcast systems measure how well your message is getting through by tracking who is listening, for how long, and provides the ability to provide verbal feedback.  Try that with email!

Next week:  Do foodservice sales intranets really work?

Considerations for August

  • The December holiday season starts now… are you preparing content to help your field teams educate operators about new foodservice opportunities?
  • Got case shots? A common question that operators ask is what your product case looks like.  They want to visually see how it’ll fit in their reefer, freezer or shelf.