Why you shouldn’t use chefs in your foodservice videos

Often food companies want to feature their corporate chefs in product videos… the thought being that chefs watching the video will relate to their peer on the screen. But, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the vast majority of foodservice decision-makers are not classically trained chefs.

Using a finely dressed chef is actually a disconnect for many restaurant managers, school foodservice pros,  local diner owners or hotel catering directors who may not see themselves among the “culinary elite.” Instead…

  • Make the product your video star, not the human being.  Focus closely on the task at hand, not the person conducting the food demo.
  • Dress the demo “talent” in street clothes like nice slacks and a button-down shirt versus “chef whites.”  This way you avoid sending a subliminal message to non-chef types that your product is meant for only the highly trained.
  • If possible, shoot the video in more humble kitchen surroundings.  Many operators deal with cramped and hectic spaces compared to the relatively luxurious corporate R&D kitchens where many videos are shot.  Show how well your product is stored and can be used in the more usual circumstances found in the back of the house.

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