Don’t waste time (or money) on viral videos for your foodservice product

A few times each year I get requests from foodservice clients or prospects to produce “viral videos” as if creating such things are a simple matter of ordering them off a menu.

The requests usually come in like clockwork as campaigns like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge or Burger King’s “Rainbow Whopper” grow into national sensations.

I politely decline the opportunities knowing that the vast majority of foodservice products simply don’t have the hilarious, tragic, celebrity or other emotional connections that motivate users to pass along videos to friends and family.  Instead, I recommend…

  • Focus on executing an overall social media strategy that builds your brand leadership.  Connect with foodservice marketing experts like Jim Matorin and Tom Rector to develop a sustainable social media campaign versus wasting time to create the next video phenomenon.
  • Figure out the best way to engage your audience. Videos and other dynamic content definitely can drive audience engagement.  But you may discover blogs or infographics do even a better job depending on your goals.
  • Don’t forget the “me” in social media.  An operator will ask “what’s in it for me” if she invests time in the social media content you offer.  Few customers are interested in a constant flow of product infomercials or company picnic photos.  But most will appreciate the brand that provides ideas and insights that will help them in their foodservice operation.

 Next week: How to create interest for boring, commodity foodservice products