Why lead generation is foodservice priority these days

Way back yonder in 2012, surveys revealed marketing  honchos placed lead generation as the top priority—well above general brand-building.

The economy was stumbling at the time, so the focus was on generating bottom-line results.  Fast forward to today with an economy on the upswing and marketers remain stressed about lead generation.

In other words, getting a fish to bite the hook (a lead) continues to out-prioritize the idea of just “baiting the hook” through brand-building.

This new reality is not driven by economics as much as customers simply being bored by old school marketing tactics from  .

  • Thanks to social media and web access to virtually every fact on earth, customers are self-educated geniuses who take little on face value. So, marketing that doesn’t continue to help build knowledge is becoming a distraction for many B2B customers.
  • The balance between “content” and “creative” continues to evolve. A mediocre quality video that educates the customer is more effective than an expensive Hollywood production that only offers company chest-beating. Of course, a decent quality video with excellent content is the optimal mix!
  • Shareability has become a good yardstick for effectiveness in lead generation these days. If folks like to share your content with others, there’s a greater likelihood they’ll offer themselves up as a lead because you’ve already provided them value.

Focus on creating ever-better content and the leads will follow.

Next week:   13 ways to use one foodservice video.