13 ways to use your foodservice video

The vast majority of videos we produce for foodservice clients have a single purpose.  Either the marketing, sales or training department comes to us with a need… and that becomes our focus.

But a single video can be tweaked to serve many purposes with just a little extra effort.  Here are just 13 ways to use a video:

  • Of course, your website is the main location for your video… especially on an appropriate product page.
  • Use as new content for company Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media pages.
  • Bulk up your YouTube channel to drive more search results on Google.
  • Got sales reps? They love having videos for their customer presentations.
  • Those sales reps also need training… videos are ideal especially if the team is scattered all over the country.
  • Brokers, distributors, operators or retailers are hungry for dynamic content to market your products or train their respective teams.
  • Create a special landing page that links to your print or online advertising.
  • Many online portals where you advertise also have “resource centers” that are hungry for new content.
  • Re-energize interest in your mobile app with new video content.
  • Email is a popular (and effective) marketing platform… IF you offer informative content like a video.
  • Customer support questions are easily handled if your video is easily accessible to consumers.
  • Need a promo idea? Create incentives to motivate operators to watch your video.
  • The media loves to link their stories to related content IF your video educates viewers without being overly promotional.

Expand your video’s value with three or four of these ideas and watch your costs go down and return on investment skyrocket.

Next week: Re-thinking foodservice sales training

Considerations for October

  • January and February is all about football.  Now is the time to prepare ideas on how operators can use your products to leverage Super Bowl season.
  • Including a photo of what your product case looks like is invaluable to customers.  Don’t forget, we’ll provide a free high-def image of your case when we produce your video.