Powerful foodservice sales tool that most forget

We foodservice marketers love to create beautiful sell sheets and brochures that present products with elegantly styled “beauty shots.”  The theory is operators buy with their eyes as much as their stomachs.

Well, that’s true to a point.  But many operators want to see what the lowly product case and raw product looks like — they know how to create inspiring dishes.  To buy or not to buy can come down to whether the product case fits into the confined spaces of the kitchen, refrigerator or freezer.

Ironically, product case photos are relatively inexpensive to produce yet provide immense influence during the sales process.  Yet, maybe 10 percent of manufacturers routinely have case and raw product shots readily available.

This is why we routinely photograph cases and provide them free whenever we produce videos for our clients.  A good case shot along with a video provides a one-two punch for sales reps when pitching customers.

Considerations for a good case shot:

  • Provide perspective. Include a person standing behind the case, or another related prop like a #10 can or steam table pan placed nearby.  This provides an instant way to compare the relative size of the case.  Otherwise, a 12-inch wide case looks basically the same as a 20-inch case floating in front of a white background.
  • Use inset photos. Seeing an individual pack and a close up shot of raw product alongside the case allows operators to see exactly what they have to work with if they order the product.
  • Distribute everywhere! Case photos are a selling magnet, so add them to your website, sell sheets, distributors’ online systems (most are in dire need of photos), presentations, video and social media.

The bottom line is a beauty shot will inspire, but a good case shot will sell.

Want an example?  Send us a case of product and we’ll create a high-definition photo at no cost so you can get feedback on the value for yourself.  Simply send us a note via the website for details.

Considerations for October

  • January and February is all about football.  Now is the time to prepare ideas on how operators can use your products to leverage Super Bowl season.
  • Including a photo of what your product case looks like is invaluable to customers.  Don’t forget, we’ll provide a free high-def image of your case when we produce your video.