YouTube up for grabs by a foodservice manufacturer

YouTube is the third-most visited website in the world behind #2 Facebook and #1 Google.  YouTube also is used for searching by more people other than Google (which owns YouTube).

Yet, based on a (highly unscientific!) study by me looking at 10 of the largest foodservice companies, there is not a dominate player among the bunch when it comes to a YouTube strategy.  In fact, much smaller companies like Upper Crust Enterprises or Horizon Foodservice Equipment rival the giants in terms of viewership.

Some (including me!) argue that YouTube isn’t a brand driver for B2B businesses like foodservice.  Few operators will leisurely surf around on YouTube to find your products.  But YouTube is an effective content distribution vehicle that can ultimately build trust in your brand (if you produce the right kind of videos).

YouTube is…


  • Search friendly. Relevant video content from respected companies usually zooms to the top of most search results.  The reverse also is true.  Search on “foodservice bacon” or “foodservice muffins” (or practically any ingredient).  A listing of diehard competitors appears with nobody standing out because video content is so scarce.
  • Measurable. Many companies get discouraged with low viewership, but often it’s their own fault!  Views don’t magically appear simply by posting on YouTube — you need a clear strategy on how to take advantage of YouTube as a distribution vehicle.  Often great video content is never featured in email campaigns, social media or even the company website.  Lack of distribution and self-serving content are the two causes of low viewership.
  • Mobile. Perhaps the single best opportunity is to use YouTube videos in business development with brokers and distributors.  Eventually, some foodservice company will change the game by empowering street reps with product videos they can play for customers on their smart phones and tablets — via YouTube.

So, are you going to be the game changer?

Above, you can download a one-page summary of my YouTube review on how the Big 10 foodservice companies rank on YouTube.

Considerations for October

  • January and February is all about football.  Now is the time to prepare ideas on how operators can use your products to leverage Super Bowl season.
  • Including a photo of what your product case looks like is invaluable to customers.  Don’t forget, we’ll provide a free high-def image of your case when we produce your video.