Video production pricing

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to leverage the power of video in more places.  More frequently.  And remove any budget worries you may have!



  • Includes all scriptwriting, voiceover and video production.
  • Choice of male or female voice talent.
  • 2 edit rounds on script.
  • 2 edit rounds on video (after script approval).
  • Additional round of script editing or video editing is $200 each.
  • Each 15 seconds or fraction thereof of final produced video beyond 2 minutes is prorated based on the volume pricing level you’ve committed to.  Example:  A 2:07 video costs $4,525 ($4,100 for first two minutes PLUS $425 for the additional seven seconds). 
  • Appropriate higher rate applies if unable to complete the quantity of videos under contract.  Example:  contract to produce six (6) one-minute videos at $2,175 rate under the “6-11” discount pricing level, but only complete four (4) videos.  An additional $200 per video will be charged at the end of the term to reflect the $2,375 rate under the “3-5” discount level.
  • If travel is required, we only charge for actual direct expenses (airfare, hotel, meals, etc.).  We do not charge extra for our time to travel within the continental United States.
  • Requested stock photos or stock video are provided at additional charge.
  • Payment terms:  one-third down payment for each video, one-third upon completion of first draft, and one-third upon final approval.
  • Clients own all worldwide rights to videos we produce on their behalf.


  • Downloadable MP4 provided for your use anywhere.
  • One additional format (Flash, MOV, etc.) provided upon request.
  • Set up of password-protected HumbleSmart online lesson for each video that you can provide to sales force, associates, etc.
  • Each HumbleSmart lesson includes a short quiz following the video and ability to offer related downloadable documents like sell sheets and presentations.
  • Includes a high-resolution image of product case and individual pack on a white or solid color background.