Is this the best social media for foodservice?

It’s been nearly 15 years since podcasting was born.  Yet, 2014 was the re-birth of the medium that might just be the most effective social media platform for foodservice manufacturers and distributors.

Why?  Podcasts are mobile.  They’re easy to replicate across other social media channels.  And, if done right, can be most efficient (and fun) way to attract an audience to hear your product story.

AFDR, the foodservice distributor rep group, has perhaps the longest-running foodservice-oriented podcast out there.  DSR Live! has worked for years because it reaches DSRs in the most opportune spot — on their mobile phone.  Full disclosure:  I helped launch DSR Live! years ago, so I’m a tad biased.

Marketing guru Roy H. Williams has hosted a weekly Monday Morning Memo show for years well before podcasts were fashionable.  Hearing Roy — versus reading his pithy blog — is the truest way to experience his engaging insights.

Of course, I post an audio version of this blog as well.  The stats tell me more people listen than read these words.

Best of all podcasts are inexpensive to produce and distribute.  I like to think of podcasts as capturing those water cooler conversations we all have where we learn something valuable from a colleague, boss or customer.  After producing hundreds of hours of podcasts over the years, here’s what I have found that works:

  • Consistent: Broadcast at least weekly.  Any less frequent and people won’t get into the rhythm of expecting your show.  Besides, a podcast shouldn’t take longer than a few hours to produce each week — arguably a better use of your time compared to some other activities.
  • Genuine: Have real conversations, not scripted carefully worded diatribe.  Again, think of this as a passing conversation that a customer would value if you were to meet them at a conference.
  • Ideas: Focus on ideas, not flogging your products.  Now the ideas can relate to your products.  But nobody wants to listen to a 15-minute commercial.  Podcasting is all about building your category leadership for which operators and others come to rely upon.

Still not convinced?  Contact me and I’m happy to chat about how easy it is to become podcast broadcaste

Considerations for January Planning

  • May is for National Hospital Week and National Nursing Home Week (both May 10-16). Great time to provide some ideas to these major non-commercial segments.
  • How about preparing some special recipes to “end the school year”… rather than going with the crowd that provides ideas at the beginning of school season?