Create better foodservice content without increasing your budget

The explosion of communication vehicles today — from social media and mobile apps to affiliate marketing and search advertising —  is not only overwhelming from a workload standpoint, but also can be a budget killer.

Many foodservice marketing folks I talk to admit they just dabble in digital content.  They continue to fund traditional activities in fear of making a big strategic mistake.  The fears are valid considering there have been mixed results with some of the newfangled media opportunities.

Clearly, digital is the future.  The right business models are slowly being worked out.

But here are three simple non-threatening changes to consider to free up some funds for digital experiments while also increasing overall marketing program effectiveness:

  • Stop printing sell sheets. We still see lots of them out there… companies bending to the whims of the dying breed of brokers and DSRs out there who claim they need paper to sell.  But the overwhelming majority of sales people and operators want sell sheets in digital form.  Go study a sales material rack in a local broker office and you’ll find sell sheets out of date, out of stock or simply non-existent!  Printed sell sheets are a waste.
  • Reduce the number rebates and coupons. I bet your own stats bear this out.  Redemption rates are usually pitiful.  And coupon users are often not your best customers.  Offer deviated pricing for important customers (like large school districts) if price is truly the motivator to make the deal.
  • Invest in content quality, not special effects.  Don’t get caught up in swirling logos, mood lighting and trick shots if you’re doing videos.  Special effects do absolutely nothing to convey your product message.  Better, simpler information is the best way to engage operators and sales reps… not trying to rival a Katie Perry video.

Planning Considerations for February

  • Include a quick scene of the product case in your video… along with a person’s hand to provide a relative comparison of the case size.  This is an important image for operators who must decide if your product can even be stocked on their cramped shelves.
  • Make your videos easily downloadable for brokers and DSRs so they can save to their laptop, tablet or phone.  It’s the easiest way to get more use for your videos if reps don’t have to surf the web to find your content while on a sales call!