Help grocery stores sell more foodservice products

No doubt the trend of providing meals to hungry patrons inside grocery stores has helped the foodservice industry recover from the recession downturn.  In fact, foodservice has scooted by retail in overall sales for the time being.

Today’s “dine out” food experience can mean grabbing an amazingly fresh burrito at the local Latino market.  Dishing up an orzo pasta and tuna salad from the deli case.  Picking up an artisan goat cheese pizza.  Or ordering a turkey club panini sandwich.

I’ve seen ‘em all at the local grocery.

But serving meals is still not the core business for grocery stores.  And that means food manufacturers can provide their food-prep expertise to become retail’s ally in the restaurant business.

  • Simple merchandising ideas on how to display products are always needed. Create a quick video your reps can show deli workers how to set a display case for primo position of on-the-go meals. Also, visit Trader Joe’s to see how simple product cards with fun product facts are used everywhere to entice customers to buy. Now, provide the same concept to retailers who are marketing meals that use your products.
  • Restaurant-like meals start with a recipe. Easy, delicious restaurant-quality meal ideas that less-skilled prep workers can whip up will be highly prized.  And don’t forget to include a few simple plating tips that make the meal visually appealing — just like a restaurant would do.
  • Product stories bring customers back. Offer a short, fun video that include some fun facts or short story about a menu item or the product.  The video can be watched from your rep’s computer tablet or smartphone.  Now, the retailer staff has something new to talk about with their customers to build that dining “experience.”

March Planning Considerations

  • Two big celebrations are coming up that drive restaurant sales… Fourth of July and Men’s Health Week (June 15-21). OK, we’re kidding about Men’s Health Week. Got content to share with operators on how to grow their July 4th sales with your products?
  • Who’s the #1 broker sales rep and #1 DSR for your product line? If you don’t know him or her, you probably should. They hold your future in their hands.