Google just put many foodservice sites on ignore

If you haven’t heard, “mobilegeddon” has ensued and it’s highly likely your foodservice website just took a hit from Google.

Websites that are not mobile-friendly get major demerits from Google in its search engine rankings starting now!

I was reminded of the so-called mobilegeddon this past Monday as news alerts started bombarding me while I was waiting in the doctor’s office.  Yes, I was reading on my phone!

Lucy, we got a problem when it comes to foodservice.  I did a quick analysis and found:

  • Only two of the 12 largest foodservice manufacturers have passed Google’s test.
  • Among the top six distributors, only one is mobile friendly.
  • Two of six randomly selected smaller manufacturers got a gold star from Google.

Certainly, operators searching for product ideas could miss your site while searching — let alone brokers and distributor reps trying to find a product right before a sales call.

Check out how your website ranks with Google’s online analyzer.  If you’re on the naughty list, here are some ideas to consider:

  • Clean out the website clutter on your old site while redesigning the new site. Chop the number of words in half (at least) — especially the “fluff” that is boring on the large screen and maddening on the small screen.  Make search or ordering functions easier by stepping users through simple pages versus trying to click on several tiny buttons on a single screen.
  • Focus on creating more useful content while the redesign takes place.  Respected, useful content still ranks high within Google’s ranking formula, so you need great content more than ever!
  • Get feedback from operators about your new site. But also ask your field team — sales reps, brokers and distributors involved — to provide real-world ideas.  Your mobile site, if done right, will be the field team’s most valuable tool when helping operators choose your products.

April Planning Considerations

  • Got schools covered? Now is the time to start loading your reps up with school nutrition trends, menu ideas and peeks at new products that school foodservice directors need in the fall.
  • Going to NRA show next month? Send an email and let’s meet on the floor.  Nothing like a brief chat over a free hot dog.