Swing a dead mouse to seize this foodservice trend

HPC-podcast-artYou can’t swing a dead (computer) mouse over your web browser without hitting yet another list of the “hottest” food trends that operators should consider these days.

Reading the lists are fun even though the definition of “trend” is often stretched beyond reason.

But the lists can provide an opportunity to provide actionable ideas to help operators take advantage of a trend by using your product.

      Swing a dead mouse

Brokers and distributors also are hungry for the ideas as they search for new angles to sell your product.

The trick is tying a trend to actionable ideas involving your product.  You might want to consider…

  • Fitting the product to the trend. Trends are only as good as how well they fit into an operator’s concept.  Don’t assume an operator will intuitively see how your mashed potatoes fit into her operation as part of a trend  So, provide three menu ideas on one sheet that shows how your mashed potatoes can be used in three different trendy cuisines — perhaps provide examples of Italian, Mexican and Brazilian dishes.  Rather than saying “versatility”… show operators a variety of ideas.
  • Doing the math. Just because oatmeal is trending doesn’t mean operators who don’t serve oatmeal will care.  I’m still amazed at how many recipes don’t paint the profit picture.  Realistic profit scenarios will attract operators more than any pretty oatmeal photo you post.
  • Showing the simplicity. No operator wants to overly complicate things in the kitchen to exploit a trend.  But offering up photos or quick videos that show how easy it is to add an Asian fusion-flavored pork chop to the menu using your new sauce is more convincing than just posting a recipe.

Simplicity + profit + popular trend will equal enthusiastic interest from operator customers for your foodservice product.