Most important 10 seconds of a foodservice video

      Most important 10 seconds short



The reality is 20 percent of viewers of the average foodservice product video stop watching after 10 seconds.  Nearly half will click off within 60 seconds.

That’s why it’s critical you hook viewers in that first 10 seconds with a single key product characteristic that will keep them wanting to learn more.  Here are characteristics that DON’T matter:

  • Your tagline and/or a 20-second opening about your company’s warm-and-fuzzy history.
  • How you offer a complete line of similar products like the one you’re featuring in the video.
  • A personal hello and introduction explaining what viewers are about to see.

Operators don’t care about these details.

Many foodservice videos I see are built around the story-telling process that includes a beginning, middle and end.  Foodservice operators only care about the end.  They know the rest of the movie if your brand has been around awhile!

Watch the first 10 seconds of several national broadcast news stories.  Or read the first 20 words of a dozen news articles in your local newspaper.  It’s a great exercise to see how brutally succinct these stories are in the beginning.  Apply that discipline whether you’re writing or editing a script and you’ll get longer hang times with your video.

Then, build out your video with what attracts operators:

  • One key characteristic. Focus on the real difference — like the super-premium level of fat content of your raspberry ice cream that makes it so creamy.  Bundling up other basic facts — “real fresh raspberries” and “slow churn process” that every competitor uses — just muddy things up when you’re trying to hook viewers in those first 10 seconds
  • Remember… greed, fear and sex drive decisions. The fact that your new beer-battered celery comes packed 10 stalks to a pack is an important detail, but not all that intriguing.  Suggest a greed factor (also known as a “profit idea”) or a fear element (“gosh, this can save me money so I won’t go out of business) early in your video.  [Add your own ideas here for the optional “sex” motivator for your product!].
  • Show it, don’t say it. Starting with dramatic visual examples of your one key characteristic is more important than ever because so many videos are now watched on mobile devices.  Ever try to listen to a video in a crowded restaurant?  It’s nearly impossible.  And guess where you’ll find most restaurant managers trying to watch videos?  Videos that communicate with or without sound will win out in today’s noisy and mobile world.