What food marketers can learn from a paper napkin

      What food marketers can learn from a paper napkin



A client recently challenged me to find a compelling reason to produce a video for his “boring” food product (his description, not mine!).   I won’t reveal the product, but we can say it’s used in most restaurants in America.

I get this challenge once or twice each year.  My response is usually “go Google paper napkin ideas” and get back to me.  One may think that a paper napkin is about as utilitarian as a product gets.  But you’d be surprised at the creativity and usefulness of the napkin.

Every product has an interesting angle or story.  Proof in point… Mike Rowe, who’s probably most famous for his Dirty Jobs television show, got his start by intriguing QVC producers with an eight-minute description of a pencil.

Most food companies resort to recipes as the ultimate promotion of their products.  But most recipes won’t inspire chefs, fry cooks and other cooking pros who fancy themselves as experts on how to prepare your chicken tender, French fry or muffin.

What’s sorely missing is what to do beyond the recipe.  They need inspiration on how to make your product special whether it’s how it’s served, knowing a funny story behind the product or a dozen different ways to cross-utilize the product.

So, as your team winds down for next week’s Thanksgiving holiday, perhaps it’s a good time to brainstorm on how to turn your “dull” product into something fascinating.  It’s not as hard as you think as these products have proven:

Paper Napkins

Duct Tape