What foodservice marketers can learn from first grade

Talk to any first-grade teacher and she or he will tell you they know quickly the best way to teach any student after a few classes.

Marketing foodservice products is no different.

Like first-graders, we all tend to learn and be influenced by either…

  • Watching…
  • Listening…
  • Reading and writing…
  • Or doing.

Of course, each of us has our personal mixture of the four styles that works best (few people actually rely on only one style).

You’d attract a lot more prospects to your products if you could magically convey each marketing message in these four different ways.  Of course, unicorns will be romping the earth before any of us can afford that.

But most of us can present messaging in at least two ways.  Most researchers agree more people learn through visuals and listening (which really sucks for my written blog!).

Some argue that marketing has little to do with learning styles.  Emotions drive buying decisions, many say.  But practicality and profitability drive decisions among operators I talk to.   Hence, food product marketing is as much about educating operators than the emotions of fear, greed and sex that tend to drive marketing.

  • Double your odds. Offer visuals to go along with your podcast.  Or add a written summary alongside your video.  You’ll be amazed at what attracts people.  I roughly have a 50-50 split between those who read this blog versus listen to the accompanying podcast.
  • Words do matter. Just in small doses in these days of declining readership.  Words are like Sriracha sauce — a little brings out richness. A lot is simply overwhelming!  And words can be visuals.  Consider infographics instead of a long blog post [note to self: consider taking own advice].
  • Stay the course.  Remain consistent in your delivery styles.  Most of us humans really don’t like change, so receiving a video one week and a blog the next tends to frustrate folks.  Pick what works for your brand voice and stick to it.