Five awesome foodservice marketing ideas May 2016

Occasionally I get a comment about my lack of using video in my blog. It’s been said that I don’t “walk the talk” because I don’t use much video myself even though I promote video as a key foodservice marketing idea.

Before I lay out my defense… I’m happy to announce the situation is changing!

Once a month I’ll post a short video review of awesome marketing examples and ideas we discover while researching topics or working on projects.  I’ll continue with the blog and podcast during the other weeks during the month.

My excuse for not using much video in my own content efforts is simply I avoid launching anything new for which I cannot make a long-term commitment (sound familiar?).  I finally figured out a way to incorporate all the fact-finding I share with clients in a monthly video to share with all.

Problem solved!  I’m not really starting anything new — just repackaging a “best of” summary of what I already gather as part of my daily work.

So, enjoy the show.  There’s a wide assortment of inspirational food marketing related ideas.   I look forward to your comments as the months go on.  You can view the actual examples if you want to dive deeper after watching the summary video.