Why foodservice videos are awkward

A sales director for a large brand recently described some foodservice videos we recently finished as “awkward.”

That’s what I get for asking for feedback!

But he was right as he continued his explanation.  Try standing side-by-side with a stranger (like a new sales prospect) and watch a three-minute video together from your smartphone.

The experience is, well, awkward.  You’re invading his personal space for an uncomfortable length of time… and he is invading yours.

The sales pro explained that a 30 to 45-second video is no problem.  Knowing the video is short puts everybody at ease.  Even better, the prospect can simply hold the phone and watch without feeling pressure of a rep hovering over them.

That’s not to say all foodservice videos need to be 30 seconds long.  In fact, longer videos (and I mean 90 seconds to two minutes) are fine to fully explain most topics on your website and other online locations.

Foodservice videos as mini-masterpieces

  • Think in 30-second chunks. The two-minute foodservice product demo video, if pre-planned correctly, can be later divided into four or five short vignettes.  This way you get multiple bangs for your buck.  A longer “product story” for the website… and a series of shorter videos for the field.
  • What’s the hook? Most food product features and benefits are ho-hum.  But there’s probably one or two features that tend to intrigue customers.  Maybe it’s the portion-control packaging.  Or the creative way Joe’s Deli down the street uses your cornbread mix for his fried chicken recipe.  Focus on one conversation starter that is illustrated best through a foodservice video and you’ll have fans among the sales team because they can relax when playing the video with customers.
  • And for an extra bonus… Another client used a series of five vignettes we produced to also do double duty as much-needed social media content.  Brilliant!  Each topic was short, educational and intriguing… all in a video format that is the darling for social media.  More thoughts on short videos here.


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