Foodservice marketing ideas from Diamond Crystal, Main Lobster and more!


Here are five inspiring ideas for food product and food equipment marketers for August 2016.  Kudos to all the companies and their respective creators!

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Fast fun food videos:  Watch this behind the scenes story about how those fast, fun recipe videos so popular on social media are made… courtesy of Inside Edition.

Diamond Crystal Salt:   Compelling comparison video that proves all salts are not created equal.

3D food printing:  Ready to have your food manufactured at the table?  One restaurateur believes 3D food printing is the next big thing.

Maine Lobster Collaborative:  Beautiful video series to educate chefs on the myths, legends and truths of preparing the delicious crustacean.

UC Davis:  Combines its agricultural depth with video creators from across the world to expose big new ideas during the World Food Day Challenge video contest.