Satisfy a foodservice operator’s hunger?

The ever-falling cost of technology makes digital signage affordable for even small mom-and-pop restaurants these days.

But the trend also provides a potential bonanza for manufacturers wanting to build loyalty among restaurant owners, colleges, corporate dining and even K-12 schools.  Yep, I’ve seen digital menu boards used in many high school cafeterias to entice student customers with healthier choices or the day’s specials.

The opportunity?  Most operators outside of larger chains don’t have the budget to create appetite-generating video or animations for their digital signage.  They’re often stuck with some text and maybe a photo or two.

You can offer your own brand’s “stock video” library to these operators relatively inexpensively.  Just plan on a few extra shots whenever you schedule other product video shoots.  Focus on pouring, serving or preparing your product in front of a solid background.

The simpler the scene the better so it will work for the most concepts:

  • Slow motion shot of a hot biscuit being buttered.
  • A plated shot of steaming ribs placed on a server pass-thru.
  • Whipped topping being slowly piped onto an ice cream sundae.
  • Close-up of a hot French fry being dipped into ketchup.
  • Sauce being ladled onto hot, fresh pasta.

“Signature” recipes don’t work because they probably won’t represent what’s being served at any particular location.  But a solitary close-up of a crispy chicken tender being split apart will get the appetite moving without being too specific!

And your stock video library provides the added benefit of attracting sales prospects and existing customers alike to your website.  And who doesn’t want more traffic?