Ah-hah moment foodservice operators find in videos

The most-effective foodservice product videos are the ones that include an “ah-ha” moment or two.  And usually that means anything but the typical features and benefits.

Few operators are intrigued with videos that rehash facts from a sales sheet.  What influences operators the most is seeing how to get the most out of a product.  Think of a video as an extension of a presentation you’d make to an operator rather than simply a brochure that’s in motion.

Some of the best video moments we’ve seen have included:

  • A fast, simple way to make onion rings with Panko bread crumbs.
  • Quick explanation of the difference between chunk light tuna and solid white tuna.
  • The secret in baking frozen rolls into perfectly rounded-top bakery masterpieces.
  • The best way to slice turkey for sandwiches.
  • What school operators need to know about ingredient statements for hot dogs.
  • And where operators go wrong when using sanitary gloves.

The trick is finding these gems.  But the knowledge is most likely already locked up in your organization.  An experienced interviewer can find brand-building topics when talking to your corporate chef, top sales folks, brokers or brand-champions at one of your favorite distributors.

Here are few questions to ask your content experts to uncover those “ah-hah” moments:

  • What fascinates people the most when you demo the product… in other words, those common questions that always need to be answered?
  • Why do these questions come up so often (and what’s your answer!)?
  • What’s a secret or two about the product you like to pass along to customers?
  • Any tricks you’ve seen to get the best results with the product… and why do the secrets work?
  • Any specific part of the product that motivates customers to want to pick it up… that moment when they just can’t keep their hands off of it?  And why?
  • Finally… are there any common operator missteps that may harm the product’s end result during prep?

So… there’s your start.  Dig for those gems and you’ll be well on your way to creating product videos that matter to operators.