The #1 rule foodservice product marketers ignore most

One of the puzzling aspects of most foodservice product marketing initiatives I come across is how few manufacturers don’t follow the #1 rule for content marketing.

Effective content must reflect your customers’ perspective… not your brand’s angle!

But chest-beating continues to thrive among many food brands.  These brands love to talk about themselves.  Or, even worse, they have customers talk about how great they are.  Another favorite is focusing on a brand’s brilliance in “partnering.”  Or how smart their culinary team is.

Ever have that friend that never shuts up about himself?  Yeah, it’s kind of like that.

Nobody listens to a constant barrage of self-talk.

Of course, you need to weave in your brand messages.  But a little goes a long way.  It’s the subtle mention how a customer used your product in a creative way.  Or simply showing how to spot the quality differences among various product levels or competitive offerings.

Consider another type of 80-20 rule… 80 percent of the content should be about the customer and 20 percent about your brand.  Heck, 90-10 is probably even more effective.  And focus on what action the audience can take away right now that might make a difference.

Content marketing is a long game.  But you’ll never get anywhere by constantly sprinting with an overabundance of promotional talk.  Customers are too wise and busy for anything but simple, thought-provoking ideas and insights that help them do their job better.

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