What foodservice marketers can learn from TV reruns


One of my clients recently had the brilliant suggestion that we should revisit old content we created over the years.  The simple thought was new website visitors come and go.  Why not dust off and update older posts, podcasts and videos to expose new audiences to the original content?

Hey, it works for TV reruns.  Why not marketing content?

The updated content takes on a whole new life rather than being tucked away in an online archive that is rarely visited.

Plus, the “new” content is produced for pennies on the dollar compared to creating it in the first place.

OK, I admit I should have thought of the “dust it off and replay it” idea before my client did.  But, in typical consultant fashion, I have now “borrowed” his idea for my own use.

I’ve discovered that reviewing content for rerun possibilities also provides a sanity check on what is and isn’t important over the long term.

Case in point:  My post from two years ago reminded me that the “next big marketing trend” often turns out to be a bust.  Back — oh so long ago in June 2014 — I was working on several mobile app projects to develop some “wow” marketing.

Today, most brands have abandoned the huge expense of a mobile app as a marketing tactic.  The apps simply don’t provide significant added value beyond what a good website and downloadable sell sheets already offer.

So, I’ll revisit this post in January 2019.  Let’s see if rerunning content still holds water as a good idea.

I bet it will.