Performing unnatural acts with your foodservice marketing?

The wacky marketing communications world we live in is forcing many foodservice marketers to commit unnatural acts unthinkable just a few years ago.

And it’s only going to get stranger.

When I started dabbling in foodservice 20 years ago, even medium-sized brand teams rarely got involved in “executing the tactics.”  Those tasks were outsourced to creative directors, photographers, copywriters, designers and event managers.

Now, very few teams enjoy the luxury of managing groups of minions to handle the ground work.  Strategy and tactics have become one big glob that takes a (smaller) village to support.

Most of my clients work side-by-side with me to create blogs, videos, podcasts and social media.  Clients have acted as voice talent, hand models, social media contributors, lighting grips and food stylists.  All jobs that once were left to the “experts.”

Of course, key deliverables like a well-orchestrated photo shoot for a major product rollout aren’t going away.  Nor will executing the technical underpinnings that drive a Unix-based website and the like.

But most of us now have multiple tactical responsibilities in order to get the ever-sprawling job done.  And you either like the diversity… or don’t (I love it, personally).

One thing is certain.  The situation isn’t going to change anytime soon as the communications landscape gets increasingly messy.  The roles of “agency” and “client” are constantly being redefined.  All the more reason that cross-utilization of skills should be encouraged because there is so much to do with so little time and budget.

Today’s podcast:  Peek into what another industry has already faced… a hint of what may come to  foodservice.