Voice broadcasting, most under-used foodservice marketing medium

Imagine a world without sound.

Well, you really don’t have to imagine it when it comes to foodservice marketing.  Just take a ride with your foodservice sales team or broker network and experience it!

You won’t “hear” much when it comes to marketing messages being sent to them.

Yet, by a Texas mile, foodservice sales reps depend on mobile phones as their communications platform of NEED (not choice).   All day, every day… reps are tied to their phones.  Not the internet.  Certainly not sell sheets (the right one can never be found).  Email is a black hole.  And sales meetings… well, many reps consider them foodservice’s version of waterboarding.

Reps in the field are a foodservice marketer’s dream in terms of being a captured audience — if you reach them by phone through voice broadcasting.  But like any other communication method, the fastest way to blow your credibility is to send a self-serving, unworthy phone messages.

Nobody wants to receive relentless “robo calls” that sound like they’re coming from the local politician running for mayor. Fortunately, most sales organizations have structures in place that won’t allow that to happen.

On the other hand, most of us do appreciate a reminder call from the dentist’s office about of tomorrow’s appointment.  And therein lies the difference between good and bad voice broadcasting strategies… the call must have a genuine value to the individual receiving the message.

The beauty of audio messaging is how easy it is to “consume” out in the field.  You can literally be informed while driving thanks to Bluetooth connections in many cars these days.  

With strategic coordination between marketing and sales, a well-designed voice broadcasting program is a cost-effective way to build product and brand knowledge on the street.  And, ironically, compared to other marketing platforms, voice broadcasting is more measurable, interactive (reps can actually respond back if you want), proactive, simple to set up and maintain, and convenient (reps can listen to the message via voicemail).

What other marketing platform can do all that to help empower a sales force to represent your brand?