Author: Bill Hornung

What foodservice product marketers can learn from emojis

Leave it my Millennial son to help explain the significance of emojis to foodservice product marketing. “Emojis are just a contemporary form of hieroglyphs,” Nick said.  “Emojis and hieroglyphs tell a story or express an emotion in a concise way.  We’re going back to prehistoric days when pictures — not words — were used to […]

Unsexy but powerful foodservice product marketing

Any guess what these foodservice products are? MH 6/7/1.3Z SPCL DEL SHY DCF// BAVARIAN NJ 97% 2PC 5 OZ SLICED 4X4 WA Me neither. But they are names of important products offered by brands we all know and love. No restaurant operator would ever use these terms to search the internet for a product.  So, continuing […]

Foodservice operators only hear about 5% of your products. Until now.

For as long as I’ve been around the foodservice industry, there’s always been one practical challenge for  brands that want to market to operators of restaurants, school cafeterias, nursing homes or any others who manage eating establishments. No one spot exists where operators can go see most (if not all) the foodservice-worthy products that exist. […]

Voice broadcasting, most under-used foodservice marketing medium

Imagine a world without sound. Well, you really don’t have to imagine it when it comes to foodservice marketing.  Just take a ride with your foodservice sales team or broker network and experience it! You won’t “hear” much when it comes to marketing messages being sent to them. Yet, by a Texas mile, foodservice sales […]

Taking a pause on foodservice marketing research

Broad foodservice marketing research studies make skeptics like me to pause — especially when it comes predicting buying behavior in a B2B industries like ours. It gets harder to believe each day that you can reduce all foodservice operators down to a few common characteristics from which you bank a marketing plan around. Every conversation […]