Author: Bill Hornung

Training is the new marketing in foodservice

Ben Franklin said it best… “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”  When you think about foodservice being a relationship business, having a well-informed sales force becomes the most cost-effective marketing for brands, brokers and distributors. Following Ben Franklin’s adage… training on the street level involves […]

What foodservice marketers can learn from TV reruns

  One of my clients recently had the brilliant suggestion that we should revisit old content we created over the years.  The simple thought was new website visitors come and go.  Why not dust off and update older posts, podcasts and videos to expose new audiences to the original content? Hey, it works for TV […]

The #1 rule foodservice product marketers ignore most

One of the puzzling aspects of most foodservice product marketing initiatives I come across is how few manufacturers don’t follow the #1 rule for content marketing. Effective content must reflect your customers’ perspective… not your brand’s angle! But chest-beating continues to thrive among many food brands.  These brands love to talk about themselves.  Or, even […]

Ah-hah moment foodservice operators find in videos

The most-effective foodservice product videos are the ones that include an “ah-ha” moment or two.  And usually that means anything but the typical features and benefits. Few operators are intrigued with videos that rehash facts from a sales sheet.  What influences operators the most is seeing how to get the most out of a product.  […]