Voice broadcasting, most under-used foodservice marketing medium

Imagine a world without sound. Well, you really don’t have to imagine it when it comes to foodservice marketing.  Just take a ride with your foodservice sales team or broker network and experience it! You won’t “hear” much when it comes to marketing messages being sent to them. Yet, by a Texas mile, foodservice sales […]

Who really ‘tolerates’ your food product presentation?

During any given year, I participate, view or listen to about 100 food product presentations.  The audiences range from foodservice operators to CEOs of large food manufacturers. Virtually all the presentations are destined to be forgotten.  It’s nobody’s fault.  We’re all bombarded with too much information. But there are some people who have a much […]

Is this the best social media for foodservice?

It’s been nearly 15 years since podcasting was born.  Yet, 2014 was the re-birth of the medium that might just be the most effective social media platform for foodservice manufacturers and distributors. Why?  Podcasts are mobile.  They’re easy to replicate across other social media channels.  And, if done right, can be most efficient (and fun) […]

Is Siri a hint into the future of foodservice sales communications?

In producing long- and short-form audio programs for foodservice companies over the years, I’ve learned that hearing directly from a respected voice has immense influence.  In fact, a recorded message usually elevates a person’s importance to many listeners compared to, say, receiving an email. Why?  The sound of a voice makes a person real.  It’s […]