Robin Thicke and foodservice marketing trends

We’re starting to receive invites to begin planning 2017 foodservice marketing campaigns which, of course, reminds me of Robin Thicke. You remember Robin Thicke, right?  The pop singer heart-throb of 2013. The world would have ended for many if they couldn’t have downloaded Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines just three years ago. Oh, how times change […]

Foodservice marketing’s uncertain future

I have no clue how the overly complex world of foodservice product marketing is going to shape up over the next five years.  Neither do you.  Nor does anybody else. The industry remains a mysterious place.  It runs relatively fine with antiquated systems and well-worn personal relationships that move business forward centered on a supply chain […]

Reaching the “average” folks in foodservice

A smart marketing manager at a foodservice products company said to me years ago… “I’m not worried about reaching the high-flier buyers who are looking to innovate.  I want to reach the masses of ‘average’ customers who basically do an adequate job every day.” His point was innovators will find his product regardless because it’s […]

What food marketers can learn from Donald Trump

You either love him… or hate him.  But there’s a lot we food product marketers can learn from Donald Trump. What food brand wouldn’t love 24/7 media exposure?  But that’s really the minor part. Here are a few lessons to consider from The Donald: True to his brand voice. He’s brash.  Some would say egotistical. […]