Voice broadcasting, most under-used foodservice marketing medium

Imagine a world without sound. Well, you really don’t have to imagine it when it comes to foodservice marketing.  Just take a ride with your foodservice sales team or broker network and experience it! You won’t “hear” much when it comes to marketing messages being sent to them. Yet, by a Texas mile, foodservice sales […]

Will mobile marketing pay off for foodservice manufacturers?

Mobile marketing topped the list when we recently reviewed trends that have had longevity over the last few years. Will mobile marketing pay off for food manufacturers? Large distributors like U.S. Foods, PFG and Sysco have led the way to mobile more so than manufacturers.  But the distributor apps are heavily focused on placing orders.  […]

Brave new online foodservice marketing world

There are no fewer than four new mobile or online foodservice marketing applications and platforms soon to launch.  All with similar goals of directly reaching operators. And those are just the ones I’ve heard about!  The last time there was such a frenzy of activity was in 2007 right before the economy collapsed. Not that […]

Most important 10 seconds of a foodservice video

  The reality is 20 percent of viewers of the average foodservice product video stop watching after 10 seconds.  Nearly half will click off within 60 seconds. That’s why it’s critical you hook viewers in that first 10 seconds with a single key product characteristic that will keep them wanting to learn more.  Here are […]

Where foodservice operators go for ideas and inspiration

218 YouTube celebration final YouTube has only been around for about 10 years yet has a larger audience than all TV networks combined — and dominates the trend of video being  watched on mobile devices. Yet, most foodservice manufacturers barely have a video or two posted on their respective websites let alone actively maintain a […]