Unsexy but powerful foodservice product marketing

Any guess what these foodservice products are? MH 6/7/1.3Z SPCL DEL SHY DCF// BAVARIAN NJ 97% 2PC 5 OZ SLICED 4X4 WA Me neither. But they are names of important products offered by brands we all know and love. No restaurant operator would ever use these terms to search the internet for a product.  So, continuing […]

Training is the new marketing in foodservice

Ben Franklin said it best… “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”  When you think about foodservice being a relationship business, having a well-informed sales force becomes the most cost-effective marketing for brands, brokers and distributors. Following Ben Franklin’s adage… training on the street level involves […]

Foodservice product training messes with your marketing

I’ve written a lot about the ever-tightening relationship between foodservice product training and marketing over the years. So, I was stoked when I got to recently work on a significant product training project.  In fact, I’ve helped produce video-based training programs for three different companies over the last few months. Training sales reps, brokers and distributors is […]

Surviving foodservice industry’s merger mania

Food manufacturers and distributors that merge, purge, right-size and organizationally change are so common these days that we sometimes forget tens-of-thousands of people in our industry are in upheaval at any given moment. U.S. Foods’ announcement that it will launch an IPO is the latest shift after its wedding to Sysco was called off.  The […]

National foodservice brokers… where to go from here

As the failed Sysco-U.S. Foods merger continues to unfold, what has it all meant down on the street for national brokers and manufacturers that must now re-validate their local go-to-market strategies? Dave Miesse sees the practical reality as he goes on sales calls, attends distributor meetings and talks to manufacturers as the executive director of […]