Ah-hah moment foodservice operators find in videos

The most-effective foodservice product videos are the ones that include an “ah-ha” moment or two.  And usually that means anything but the typical features and benefits. Few operators are intrigued with videos that rehash facts from a sales sheet.  What influences operators the most is seeing how to get the most out of a product.  […]

Satisfy a foodservice operator’s hunger?

The ever-falling cost of technology makes digital signage affordable for even small mom-and-pop restaurants these days. But the trend also provides a potential bonanza for manufacturers wanting to build loyalty among restaurant owners, colleges, corporate dining and even K-12 schools.  Yep, I’ve seen digital menu boards used in many high school cafeterias to entice student […]

Why foodservice videos are awkward

A sales director for a large brand recently described some foodservice videos we recently finished as “awkward.” That’s what I get for asking for feedback! But he was right as he continued his explanation.  Try standing side-by-side with a stranger (like a new sales prospect) and watch a three-minute video together from your smartphone. The […]

Five awesome foodservice marketing ideas May 2016

Occasionally I get a comment about my lack of using video in my blog. It’s been said that I don’t “walk the talk” because I don’t use much video myself even though I promote video as a key foodservice marketing idea. Before I lay out my defense… I’m happy to announce the situation is changing! Once […]

Foodservice marketing lessons from independent operators

Working directly with independent operators is the best education any of us working in foodservice product marketing. Seminars, books (or blogs!) and conferences no doubt have value.  But spending time in a busy restaurant kitchen or talking to an executive chef about the pressures of making monthly numbers simply can’t be duplicated. Foodservice marketing gold […]