Humble Pie Communications clients and partnerships

Humble Pie Communications clients represent some of the best food (and non-food!) brands in the world.

Humble Pie Communications clients

Our food and food equipment company clients have included: Armour, Aroma Housewares, Balboa Beach Company, Ball Park, Best Foods, C.H. Guenther & Son, Inc., Carando, Chicken of the Sea, Country Crock, Curly’s, Dean Foods, Dole, DSR Live, Foodservice Rewards, Foster Farms, General Mills, Genova , Green Field Farms, Grindmaster, Heinz, Hillshire Farm, Hormel, Idahoan, Jimmy Dean, John Morrell, Knorr, Kraft Foods, Lamb Weston, Legacy Foodservice Alliance, LeGout, McCain, Patrick Cudahy, Pepsico, Pioneer, Ralcorp, Rich’s, Rosina, Sara Lee, Simplot, Taylor, Technomic, Tyson, Unilever Food Solutions, Upper Crust Enterprises, US Foods and many others.

Our non-food related clients have included: Autolite, Eclipse, Local Market Launch, Mitsubishi Electric, PRP Packaging, Shout About Us, Sonic Boom Wellness and The The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation.