Food marketing content with a video twist

Food marketing between branding and sales is our sliceFood marketing takes on many, uhmmm, flavors.  Manufacturers that make products for restaurants, schools, hospitals and the like have to balance between traditional branding and creation of engaging sales tools that company reps, brokers and distributors can use.

The magical place between brand communications and foodservice product sales is the slice of creative that Humble Pie fits into most of the time.

But we also create content for retail food marketing.  Retail food brands worry more about advertising, promotions and social media when it comes to content.  We tend to work on the social media and video components in retail.

We love to create content that shows customers how something works.  Or ideas that make products seem more real in the virtual world of the web.  Specifically, we…

  • Create short videos, audio stories and other dynamic content that support your food brand.  We focus on telling stories about your products that engage and inspire customers.  All without taking a huge bite out of your budget.
  • Leverage your content in as many ways possible.  Simple online training programs for your sales force.  Customize for Amazon.  Even incorporate into mobile apps that those 50-something associates love to use (hey, we resemble that remark!).
  • Say thank you every step of the way.  Because we’re honored you allow us to work on something we simply love to do.

Bill Hornung, food marketing veteranFood marketing insider

Food marketing communications veteran Bill Hornung is the Chief Pie Maker.

Show-and-tell was always Bill’s favorite part of school.  Still is.  He’s worked on projects with dozens of the largest food brands as well as an Amish food co-op — and everything in between.  Check out Bill’s LinkedIn profile.

Bill works with a talented network of writers, videographers, video editors, voice and acting talent, web and mobile app developers, and graphic artists to bake up fresh content everyday.