Sock Monkey success story


Hey, you ended up here at the Sock Monkey story!

Sock Monkeys are hard to resist, I know.

The Sock Monkey was a happy accident for the Nelson Knitting Company that first gained fame with its Rockford Red Heel Socks, the first seamless sock made in America.

In the early 1930s, families began creating the Sock Monkey from worn out Rockford socks.  The trademarked red heel formed the perfect mouth for the Sock Monkey.

The toy became so popular that Nelson Knitting was granted a patent for the Sock Monkey doll in 1955 so other sock companies couldn’t copy its red heel design.

Rockford, Illinois remains the hometown of the Sock Monkey where the doll is honored by a museum, festival and, yes, giant Sock Monkey statues.

What’s your Sock Monkey story?  Let’s work together to tell it.