What foodservice marketers can learn from TV reruns

  One of my clients recently had the brilliant suggestion that we should revisit old content we created over the years.  The simple thought was new website visitors come and go.  Why not dust off and update older posts, podcasts and videos to expose new audiences to the original content? Hey, it works for TV […]

Brave new online foodservice marketing world

There are no fewer than four new mobile or online foodservice marketing applications and platforms soon to launch.  All with similar goals of directly reaching operators. And those are just the ones I’ve heard about!  The last time there was such a frenzy of activity was in 2007 right before the economy collapsed. Not that […]

Why most foodservice mobile apps fail

Rarely does a conversation go by with my foodservice friends that the topic of mobile apps doesn’t come up.  Most believe they need (or already have) an app, but the value in the investment remains questionable.  Most foodservice apps I’ve seen offer little value — and it’s pretty easy to understand why. The app is […]