Will mobile marketing pay off for foodservice manufacturers?

Mobile marketing topped the list when we recently reviewed trends that have had longevity over the last few years. Will mobile marketing pay off for food manufacturers? Large distributors like U.S. Foods, PFG and Sysco have led the way to mobile more so than manufacturers.  But the distributor apps are heavily focused on placing orders.  […]

Brand voice: Does your foodservice marketing need one?

Foodservice marketing pros love to invent new terms, models and paradigms for concepts that, at their core, have been around for ages. My recent favorite is “brand voice.”  The term seems redundant — doesn’t a brand inherently have a voice (otherwise it wouldn’t be a brand!)? I usually hear “voice” being used as how a company […]

Foodservice marketing lessons from independent operators

Working directly with independent operators is the best education any of us working in foodservice product marketing. Seminars, books (or blogs!) and conferences no doubt have value.  But spending time in a busy restaurant kitchen or talking to an executive chef about the pressures of making monthly numbers simply can’t be duplicated. Foodservice marketing gold […]

3 TED Talks food marketers will love

We humans are an odd lot.  Most of us love and appreciate other people and things that stand out from the crowd.  Yet, most of us also are creatures of habit who are uncomfortable to venture beyond the mainstream where the wild things live. Mix that human quirk with a mature industry like foodservice and, […]