Will mobile marketing pay off for foodservice manufacturers?

Mobile marketing topped the list when we recently reviewed trends that have had longevity over the last few years. Will mobile marketing pay off for food manufacturers? Large distributors like U.S. Foods, PFG and Sysco have led the way to mobile more so than manufacturers.  But the distributor apps are heavily focused on placing orders.  […]

National foodservice brokers… where to go from here

As the failed Sysco-U.S. Foods merger continues to unfold, what has it all meant down on the street for national brokers and manufacturers that must now re-validate their local go-to-market strategies? Dave Miesse sees the practical reality as he goes on sales calls, attends distributor meetings and talks to manufacturers as the executive director of […]

96.37% failure rate, yet here’s foodservice’s best sales generator

A recent survey of users found that referrals are, by far, the most effective method for closing B2B business from leads like foodservice operators.  Referrals are more critical once those leads turn into bonafide “opportunities,” the survey found. Here’s the problem:  lead-to-deal success from referrals occurs only 3.63 percent of the time.  Referrals still […]

Why a foodservice marketing manager almost beat me up

I’ll never forget an exasperated foodservice marketing manager who nearly cleaned my clock when I innocently asked why the company was so hesitant about sending out more product samples to potential customers. “It’s the $2 million black hole,” was his response.  Tracking results was virtually impossible because there was no direct link between a sample […]

Reminder to foodservice marketers: Cooking is not an art

During a recent video shoot, I was chatting with the onsite chef who had seen it all during his career.  He’s worked as an executive chef for upscale restaurants, a senior R&D chef for a manufacturer, ran a mom & pop diner, taught at a prestigious culinary college and, most recently, became an author on […]