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What foodservice product marketers can learn from emojis

Leave it my Millennial son to help explain the significance of emojis to foodservice product marketing. “Emojis are just a contemporary form of hieroglyphs,” Nick said.  “Emojis and hieroglyphs tell a story or express an emotion in a concise way.  We’re going back to prehistoric days when pictures — not words — were used to […]

What food product marketers can learn from a vegan strip club

Most restaurant owners and managers I talk to admit they get most of their menu ideas from… … other restaurant operators. Sure, some start with old family recipes.  A few admit watching food shows for inspiration.  Never have I heard an operator say “I created this gazpacho recipe because I read a trend report that said […]

The digital asset foodservice operators want from you

Five years ago customizable POS was all the rage in the foodservice industry.  Food manufacturers loved to show off their slick online systems that enabled restaurant operators to print out and/or order table tents, menus, placemats and other disposable promotions. The concept was frequently a miserable failure for a variety of reasons.  Often the imagery […]

What drives foodservice distributors crazy about your marketing

Dave Miesse has seen the good, bad and indifferent when it comes to foodservice manufacturers trying to market their products down through the distributor sales channel.  Dave is an award-winning DSR himself who now trains distributor sales reps (DSRs) across the country.  He also leads the Association for Foodservice Distributor Representatives (AFDR). In this special […]

The one-word question every foodservice marketer should ask

It’s pounded into us foodservice marketers that we should focus product or brand messaging on a “differentiator.”  Find that unique value proposition that competitors can’t touch! Yet, we’re often guilty of rehashing our own PR that we’re the “best at” this. Or the “highest quality” that.  “Respected, trusted and family owned yada yada yada.” So, […]