Foodservice product training lessons from detergent salesperson

Some may wonder what foodservice product training and detergent sales have in common. But spend four hours with Sam who sells detergent and you’ll learn a lot about training and marketing. Sam and I chatted recently as part of my research to create a content marketing and social media campaign for the company he represents.  He […]

Surviving foodservice industry’s merger mania

Food manufacturers and distributors that merge, purge, right-size and organizationally change are so common these days that we sometimes forget tens-of-thousands of people in our industry are in upheaval at any given moment. U.S. Foods’ announcement that it will launch an IPO is the latest shift after its wedding to Sysco was called off.  The […]

What foodservice marketing and Jurassic World DON’T have in common

223 preview The movie Jurassic World is headed towards becoming the most successful film in box office history. And this is for a film for which we all know how the plot will go without ever seeing the movie. Dinosaurs will escape and terrorize humans because of some flaw in the park’s operation. Lots of […]

Megatrend from 1982 impacts foodservice marketing today

By now you’ve had your fill reading about foodservice trends, predictions and guru insights on what is going to turn your marketing plans inside out for 2015. You know the routine.  Consumers want more healthy foods, locally sourced goods, ready-to-heat from the grocery or delivered by a food truck.  And make it Asian (or insert […]

The one-word question every foodservice marketer should ask

It’s pounded into us foodservice marketers that we should focus product or brand messaging on a “differentiator.”  Find that unique value proposition that competitors can’t touch! Yet, we’re often guilty of rehashing our own PR that we’re the “best at” this. Or the “highest quality” that.  “Respected, trusted and family owned yada yada yada.” So, […]