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Why foodservice operators ignore your product

Truth be told, the average foodservice operator doesn’t have a clue about the products you offer. That’s not your fault.  It’s just reality in a market of hundreds-of-thousands of products available to restaurant managers, school foodservice directors and hospital nutritionists who drive buying decisions. My guess is you don’t know about all the dresses, pants, shirts […]

Do you get foodservice operators to take action?

A really smart sales rep reminded recently that many of his customers don’t take action on links sent in email campaigns.  Or click on social media links. Text links?  Forget it. He suggested that my focus on creating online content relied on a wrong assumption. “Marketing folks think customers stare at computer screens all day like […]

Brave new online foodservice marketing world

There are no fewer than four new mobile or online foodservice marketing applications and platforms soon to launch.  All with similar goals of directly reaching operators. And those are just the ones I’ve heard about!  The last time there was such a frenzy of activity was in 2007 right before the economy collapsed. Not that […]

Brand voice: Does your foodservice marketing need one?

Foodservice marketing pros love to invent new terms, models and paradigms for concepts that, at their core, have been around for ages. My recent favorite is “brand voice.”  The term seems redundant — doesn’t a brand inherently have a voice (otherwise it wouldn’t be a brand!)? I usually hear “voice” being used as how a company […]

Foodservice operator stories are becoming more important

An amazing statistic came through my email as I was packing up recently to go video a customer story for one of my clients. Sixty-five percent of an audience remembers a story during a presentation… and only about five percent remember facts. Which brings me back to customer stories.   Restaurant owners, kitchen managers and school foodservice directors love […]