Unsexy but powerful foodservice product marketing

Any guess what these foodservice products are? MH 6/7/1.3Z SPCL DEL SHY DCF// BAVARIAN NJ 97% 2PC 5 OZ SLICED 4X4 WA Me neither. But they are names of important products offered by brands we all know and love. No restaurant operator would ever use these terms to search the internet for a product.  So, continuing […]

Ah-hah moment foodservice operators find in videos

The most-effective foodservice product videos are the ones that include an “ah-ha” moment or two.  And usually that means anything but the typical features and benefits. Few operators are intrigued with videos that rehash facts from a sales sheet.  What influences operators the most is seeing how to get the most out of a product.  […]

Foodservice operator stories are becoming more important

An amazing statistic came through my email as I was packing up recently to go video a customer story for one of my clients. Sixty-five percent of an audience remembers a story during a presentation… and only about five percent remember facts. Which brings me back to customer stories.   Restaurant owners, kitchen managers and school foodservice directors love […]

Food marketers often forget about the real competition

We food marketers love to talk about our products’ extraordinary virtues — especially when diplomatically dissing our competitor’s inferior products.  We live for “cuttings” to show how our frozen asparagus isn’t a mushy mess once thawed out — like the next guy’s offering. But studying features and benefits is low on the list of concerns […]

What food marketers can learn from a paper napkin

  A client recently challenged me to find a compelling reason to produce a video for his “boring” food product (his description, not mine!).   I won’t reveal the product, but we can say it’s used in most restaurants in America. I get this challenge once or twice each year.  My response is usually “go Google […]