Foodservice operators only hear about 5% of your products. Until now.

For as long as I’ve been around the foodservice industry, there’s always been one practical challenge for  brands that want to market to operators of restaurants, school cafeterias, nursing homes or any others who manage eating establishments. No one spot exists where operators can go see most (if not all) the foodservice-worthy products that exist. […]

Why foodservice operators ignore your product

Truth be told, the average foodservice operator doesn’t have a clue about the products you offer. That’s not your fault.  It’s just reality in a market of hundreds-of-thousands of products available to restaurant managers, school foodservice directors and hospital nutritionists who drive buying decisions. My guess is you don’t know about all the dresses, pants, shirts […]

Will mobile marketing pay off for foodservice manufacturers?

Mobile marketing topped the list when we recently reviewed trends that have had longevity over the last few years. Will mobile marketing pay off for food manufacturers? Large distributors like U.S. Foods, PFG and Sysco have led the way to mobile more so than manufacturers.  But the distributor apps are heavily focused on placing orders.  […]

Food marketer’s challenge: Get butts into seats

Successful restaurateurs really don’t care too much about your new food product, dishware or non-toxic cleaner, I’m sorry to say. They’re worried about getting butts in the seats tonight.  I was reminded of this a few days ago when talking to an operator as he was scrambling between the lunch and dinner shifts. I could […]

Social media and foodservice: A conflict of terms?

217 Foodservice and Social Media The use of social media among manufacturers and distributors to communicate with foodservice operators has been hit-or-miss at best. Often, it just doesn’t exist at all! But operators are hungry for social media communications served up the right way. So says Dave Miesse, the executive director of the Association for […]