Who really ‘tolerates’ your food product presentation?

During any given year, I participate, view or listen to about 100 food product presentations.  The audiences range from foodservice operators to CEOs of large food manufacturers. Virtually all the presentations are destined to be forgotten.  It’s nobody’s fault.  We’re all bombarded with too much information. But there are some people who have a much […]

What drives foodservice distributors crazy about your marketing

Dave Miesse has seen the good, bad and indifferent when it comes to foodservice manufacturers trying to market their products down through the distributor sales channel.  Dave is an award-winning DSR himself who now trains distributor sales reps (DSRs) across the country.  He also leads the Association for Foodservice Distributor Representatives (AFDR). In this special […]

Telephone game of foodservice product training

Remember playing the telephone game when you were a kid? The first student whispers a word to another person sitting nearby.  Then the second person relays the word to the next… and so on.  After a long line of whispers, the final person in line announces what they heard which, inevitably, isn’t even close to […]

E-learning systems that make sense for foodservice sales

There are two primary ways that foodservice product training is provided online these days. Training-oriented PowerPoints, videos and sell sheets are posted on a sales intranet waiting for somebody to come by to view. Or the materials might be simply emailed out.  Either way, there’s no mechanism to provide any meaningful measure whether the training […]

Rethink foodservice sales training

Preparing sales pros along the foodservice chain hasn’t changed much in the last 20 years. Corporate reps plow through a PowerPoint with brokers who try hard to focus on the lecture while knowing they face yet another grueling session with another brand next week. A month later, the brokers turnaround and hustle through the product […]