What foodservice product marketers can learn from emojis

Leave it my Millennial son to help explain the significance of emojis to foodservice product marketing. “Emojis are just a contemporary form of hieroglyphs,” Nick said.  “Emojis and hieroglyphs tell a story or express an emotion in a concise way.  We’re going back to prehistoric days when pictures — not words — were used to […]

Foodservice operators only hear about 5% of your products. Until now.

For as long as I’ve been around the foodservice industry, there’s always been one practical challenge for  brands that want to market to operators of restaurants, school cafeterias, nursing homes or any others who manage eating establishments. No one spot exists where operators can go see most (if not all) the foodservice-worthy products that exist. […]

Training is the new marketing in foodservice

Ben Franklin said it best… “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”  When you think about foodservice being a relationship business, having a well-informed sales force becomes the most cost-effective marketing for brands, brokers and distributors. Following Ben Franklin’s adage… training on the street level involves […]

Foodservice product training messes with your marketing

I’ve written a lot about the ever-tightening relationship between foodservice product training and marketing over the years. So, I was stoked when I got to recently work on a significant product training project.  In fact, I’ve helped produce video-based training programs for three different companies over the last few months. Training sales reps, brokers and distributors is […]

Next big thing in foodservice marketing: silent movies?

I was skeptical at first, but a client recently insisted on producing two silent movies.  Food product demo videos without any narration.  No spokesperson.   No voice clues whatsoever. Sure, the no-voice thing works for highly branded consumer commercials, ala Apple. But the silent approach goes against three fundamental principles when it comes to B2B videos […]