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Taking a pause on foodservice marketing research

Broad foodservice marketing research studies make skeptics like me to pause — especially when it comes predicting buying behavior in a B2B industries like ours. It gets harder to believe each day that you can reduce all foodservice operators down to a few common characteristics from which you bank a marketing plan around. Every conversation […]

Still marketing to chefs? Think again.

First, let me state I’m in awe of the classically trained chefs I’ve worked with over the years.  Heck, some are good friends. But as food marketers, we often focus messages at chefs with the idea they represent the bulk of buyers for foodservice products. They don’t.  For every university-level trained chef, there are probably […]

Do you get foodservice operators to take action?

A really smart sales rep reminded recently that many of his customers don’t take action on links sent in email campaigns.  Or click on social media links. Text links?  Forget it. He suggested that my focus on creating online content relied on a wrong assumption. “Marketing folks think customers stare at computer screens all day like […]

Reaching the “average” folks in foodservice

A smart marketing manager at a foodservice products company said to me years ago… “I’m not worried about reaching the high-flier buyers who are looking to innovate.  I want to reach the masses of ‘average’ customers who basically do an adequate job every day.” His point was innovators will find his product regardless because it’s […]