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Foodservice marketing secrets from meat smoker salesman — revisited!

In September 2014, I posted a story about one of the simplest and most powerful marketing techniques I’ve experienced that would work brilliantly in the foodservice world. Since then, I’ve heard that many company sales reps used the idea well before I mentioned it. That’s good to hear.  But I also know many reps still plod […]

What’s your 2016 Foodservice Marketing Experiment?

  Creating a sustainable foodservice product communications campaign faces the same pressure of any new product launch. Most new product launches fail miserably — as do most “strategic” communications initiatives that get debated around this time of the year.  The reality is, however, creating a long-lasting, vital B2B outbound communication program is a messy process.  […]

Swing a dead mouse to seize this foodservice trend

You can’t swing a dead (computer) mouse over your web browser without hitting yet another list of the “hottest” food trends that operators should consider these days. Reading the lists are fun even though the definition of “trend” is often stretched beyond reason. But the lists can provide an opportunity to provide actionable ideas to […]

Curing foodservice marketing’s attention-deficit-disorder

220 ADD final Each year as I meet with clients and prospects at the NRA show, a theme usually emerges from the minds of foodservice marketers. Getting people to pay attention — to anything! — was, by far, the biggest trend in the conversations this year. Information overload is nothing new.  But an improving economy has […]

Three C’s of foodservice content marketing

Content marketing is all the rage these days as traditional ways of marketing — from advertising to promotions — continue to splinter into so many channels that it’s difficult to achieve critical mass with any one tactic. On the surface, content marketing seems like a natural way for foodservice manufacturers to own the conversation for […]